About Us

Sheri is the President but would rather be called Chief Chocolate Melter.  She started Chocolate Fountain Canada in 2004 because she was getting married and couldn’t find a reliable, affordable chocolate fountain for her wedding.  The night they got their first client (who is still a happy client in their 8th year together) they also got  their second - and had to buy two fountains to keep up.  Now with many more fountains, a service depot and a thriving cake business, it was a good decision!

Sheri is married to Bill Monhemius and has three children.
Read more about the “how and why” in this article written by the Jewels of Food.

Susan is the “Cake Queen”.  More royal than a “Cake Goddess”.  She has been baking and designing custom cakes for 12 years, and has moved to mostly wedding cakes in the past 5 years.  Susan’s cake designs are classic and elegant and can be easily customized to suit your own personal style.  Susan uses natural ingredients in her cakes and can accommodate nut,  dairy or gluten allergies.

Susan is married to Dave Mundy and also has three children.

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